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Could Legitimacy through Corporate Social Responsibility be an Antecedent for Export Performance Enhancement: an Exploratory Study


Determinism and voluntarism of companies toward environmental changes mark a strategic dynamic that guides them in the fog of uncertainty. The confusion between appearance and reality, and the difficulty of discerning what is appropriate make alliances, coalitions and refocus create attempts to reduce risks from environmental firms. Environmental change and industry pressures are constraints that impact on the companies’ competitiveness, acting significantly on the interaction between market players and stakeholders. It is in this regard the components of the institutional environment.

As market regulator, the political and public oversee the conduct of economic activities through public policy, which aims to safeguard the public interest. Companies can not ignore this source of stress, which delimits the scope of their marketing efforts to protect the weaker parties in an institutional system. This is a central strategy for many companies, particularly in the areas of genetically modified food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.